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What is the correct length for chinks?

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The correct length for your western chinks is simply a matter of personal taste.  We have made them nearly full length and also very short depending upon the coverage desired by the customer.

The one thing that we would recommend is that you select a chink length to where the starting point of the fringe is about 2" below the bottom of the knee cap.  The main thing is that you choose a length that fits your personal taste and leg coverage needs.

Our in-stock chinks come in a 32" length and a 29" length to accommodate taller and shorter customers.  If you would like help with making a choice, please call us at 208-785-8963.  We will help you through the process  of selecting the length and size that works best for your needs.

Die cut parts Western Chinks & Chaps: Are they as good as hand cut?

I remember the old days working at B Bar B leather for my Dad.  We used to spend hours cutting out the leg straps, top yokes, side yokes, and other parts for Western Chinks & Chaps.   Are hand cut chink & chap parts better?  The short answer is "No".Die cut parts vs Hand cut [...]

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Chaps & chinks - what to look for in a website that sells chaps

There are many things you need when selecting a website for purchase of your chinks and chaps but here are a few thoughts:Good product selection...it's hard to find what you like if there isn't much selection.Good customer service or good information for measuring and chap selection.You either need a very knowledgeable person on the other [...]

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Chaps & chinks - why choose B Bar B?

Our B Bar B chaps & chinks are sold through our two websites:  www.bbarbwholesale.com - a full service site with free photos and a staff that will walk you through the entire process of selecting the right chap.www.chapoutlet.com - a discounted self-service site for those that want a great dealHere are some reasons why we [...]

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Chaps & chinks - how to search the internet for what you want

There are probably literally hundreds of people making chaps and chinks across the United States.  If I didn't know much about chaps, I would wonder how in the heck would I ever decide where I should buy them.  How do I know who is good and who isn't?  How do I find them?The first step [...]

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