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Chaps & chinks - how to search the internet for what you want

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There are probably literally hundreds of people making chaps and chinks across the United States.  If I didn't know much about chaps, I would wonder how in the heck would I ever decide where I should buy them.  How do I know who is good and who isn't?  How do I find them?

The first step is to find those companies that make and sell the chaps or chinks that you want.  One could start with a Google search.  If you type in a really general term like the word "chaps", you will find Ralph Lauren stuff, motorcycle chaps, and etc.  Try to type in specific terms like "western chinks", "cowboy chinks", "shotgun chaps", "batwing chaps", "show chaps", "cutting chaps", "farrier chaps", "kids chaps", and etc, and even try some more general terms like "western chaps".   Try  many different terms related to the chaps that you want because different companies will show up using different search terms.  If you choose only to search for "chinks", rather than also searching for "western chinks", "cowboy chinks", "chinks chaps", and so on.., you will find a much limited number of companies to choose from.

Look many pages deep when searching.  When one does a Google search,  only those sites that have managed to rank according to Googles mysterious search engine algorithms will be seen.  When searching the internet, be sure to go sometimes 15 pages deep or more.  I can tell you from experience that the best sites don't always show up easily.  Our www.bbarbwholesale.com website,  open since 2006, went from good visibility to bad within a few months due to the way Google changed it's algorithms to rank sites.  You will now find the www.bbarbwholesale.com, site many pages deep when searching.  It is one of the most complete chap sites on the internet but you wouldn't know that from Googles search results.   Our other site www.chapoutlet.com has seemed to rank pretty well considering it was started in the Fall o 2012....go figure.  Search all terms and look many pages deep.  Also use more than one search engine.  Try Bing and Yahoo and possibly others.

Happy Searching.

PS - Check my other blogs....I have done much of the searching for you and have included a huge list of links to website of those that make chaps.