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Chaps & chinks - why choose B Bar B?

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Our B Bar B chaps & chinks are sold through our two websites:

  •  www.bbarbwholesale.com - a full service site with free photos and a staff that will walk you through the entire process of selecting the right chap.
  • www.chapoutlet.com - a discounted self-service site for those that want a great deal

Here are some reasons why we are a great source for your chaps:

  • Customer service

We've been in the chap & chink making business now for over 50 years and are very experienced at helping our customers to insure that they get the proper gear.  We can help you through every aspect.

  • Value -  Value is the combination of quality and price. We have great value and here's why:

We buy our chap leather direct from tanneries. That gives us the very best buy on leather, but to do this, we must buy in large volume. Most of our orders are 3000 square feet at at time and we normally have at least 40,000 square feet in stock.  That is a huge amount of chap & chink leather and most shops that build chaps as a sideline just can't do this because of the capital investment required.

We can do this because building and selling chaps and chinks is our entire business. Our efficiency is also much better. Because of the fact that we make so many stock chaps, we make them in batches of several pairs which is much more efficient than making one pair at a time like small shops. When you combine the efficiency with the reduced leather prices, we can offer a high quality chap at a much lower price than small shops.  Remember...high price doesn't always mean good value.

  • Selection - we have an inventory of several hundred chaps and chinks in-stock and ready to ship.  I don't know of another company that keeps this kind of selection on hand.  You normally have many choices in a particular style and size and can normally get them shipped out quickly with no need to wait weeks for a pair to be made.