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Die cut parts Western Chinks & Chaps: Are they as good as hand cut?

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I remember the old days working at B Bar B leather for my Dad.  We used to spend hours cutting out the leg straps, top yokes, side yokes, and other parts for Western Chinks & Chaps.   Are hand cut chink & chap parts better?  The short answer is "No".

Die cut parts vs Hand cut parts:

Efficiency:  die cut parts for chaps and chinks are much faster and economical which means a lower cost

Neatness:  die cut parts are perfect as hand-cut parts are normally not

Waste of Materials: die cut parts often waste less leather and that reflects as a lower cost

Die cut fringe (sometimes the exception):  with chap and chink fringe, the standard die is rectangular in shape, so as a chap maker moves this rectangular piece around a chap leg, visible missing wedges can be seen and it looks cheap and unprofessional.  This is what I normally see out there in the world of chaps.  Check the fringe to make sure it looks good.  See the photo below of the western work chinks made by one of our online competitors.  You can see the missing wedges made by the standard rectangular fringe die.

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