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Custom Gloves

My brother makes the World's best custom deerskin gloves - we challenge anyone to dispute that claim.  He started making gloves in the early 1990's for the sport of Professional Bareback Riding.  He was a Professional Bareback Rider at the time and was having problems finding good gloves for the sport.  He decided to start trying to make his own.  After a few years he had the best glove on the market and captured nearly all of the bareback riding business.

One of the problems with the heavy weight cowhide bareback riding gloves was that they were very difficult to close.  In 2001 he developed and patented a design to eliminate that problem.  In 2003 another improvement was made and patented.  We licensed the same patent to Ringers Gloves in 2012 for the production of a welding glove.  Using the patent, they now make some of the best fitting welding gloves on the market.

As a result of years of practice and full time glove making, he has developed the best patterns and also has incorporated his patented design to make the best fitting all leather gloves that we have ever found.

Now, available to you, are the best fitting custom deerskin gloves that money can buy, and to top it all off, they are made in the USA! - and extremely rare find these days.  You can't buy this type of glove anywhere else.

We have some examples of custom gloves on this site but can make other designs and colors.  For information, call Shawn Schild at 208-785-1731.  He is the one that patented the design and the one who makes the custom deerskin gloves.  You will be asked to fax a tracing or copy of your hand with palm width and finger measurements. 

 Examples of Shawn Schild's Custom Deerskin Gloves - Many other designs can be made

$495.00 Basket Stamped Custom Deerskin Gloves
$695.00 Flower tooled Custom Deerskin Gloves


 $295.00 Custom Deerskin Gloves


$595 Custom Deerskin Gloves, tan, with black & turquoise, twisted fringe
custom deerskin glove, blue and tan, twisted fringe
$595 Custom Deerskin Gloves, Tan with turquoise & black, fringe
$495 Custom Deerskin Gloves, turquoise & tan with twisted fringe
$595 Custom Deerskin Gloves, tan & black scalloped with twisted fringe
$495 Custom Deerskin Gloves, black with turquoise scallop & fringe
$695 Custom Deerskin Gloves, Southwest cut, Tan with gold & black & fringe
$400 (without embroidery) Custom Deerskin Gloves, red & metallic gold, made for that years Miss Rodeo America
$ (call for current price) Custom Deerskin Gloves, black with elephant hide and cross
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